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Take a tour of Adelaide Town Hall from home

Did you know you can experience a grand tour of an historic Adelaide landmark, all while in the comfort of your own home? 

Explore the magnificent spaces within the Adelaide Town Hall, a picturesque and grand heritage building located on King William Street in the heart of the city through with a 360 degree virtual tour.

With its old-world charm and Victorian-era furnishing, take a sneak peek of the spaces where the Lord Mayor and Elected Members make important decisions about Adelaide.

View the hallways and inner areas, filled with historic portraits and interesting artefacts, usually not accessible to the general public.

Explore all the rooms of the Town Hall used for meetings, events and weddings, including the Auditorium, Banqueting Room and the Meeting Hall. 

Take your virtual tour of the Adelaide Town Hall

A private tour

You can also experience the Adelaide Town Hall with a private tour by Glen Woodward, one of City of Adelaide's longest serving volunteers. Travel through time with Glen, as he walks you through the fascinating stories of this historic building.