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Easy walking trail Pelzer Park / Pityarilla (Park 19)

Posted on 23 Dec 2019

Pelzer Park offers fantastic walking trails and paths leading to accessible play spaces for kids and dogs, and scenic picnic spots with barbeques, toilets and drinking fountains.

Starting at the park entrance next to the public toilets, follow the path into the park and turn right onto the gravel path around the back of the tennis court heading towards the dog parks, turn right at the dog parks and join the shared use path until you reach the main entrance. Walk past the entrance to the playground, veer left on the gravel path and follow around the back of the play space until you re-join the shared use path. Follow the shared use path back to the park entrance.

Drink fountains are available in the dog parks and play space. There are numerous benches, but majority are located within the play space and the dog parks.


Kaurna Name
Pityarilla is the Kaurna name for this park, which means ‘marshmallow root place’ in the Kaurna language. The marshmallow plant was known as ngunna and its roots, which were eaten, as pityarra.

Pelzer Name
August Pelzer was one of the great planners of the Park Lands. He was born and educated in horticulture in Germany and worked as a city Gardener from 1899–1932. Since his passing he has been described as ‘one of the leading authorities of arboriculture, floriculture and landscape gardening in Australia’.

Two loops in a figure of eight. 

  • 800 metre larger loop 
  • 200 metre small loop


  • Free parking on Glen Osmond Road.

Walking surfaces

  • Terrain Gravel and Bitumen paths

Mobility suitability

  • Suits all walking aids

Path width

  • Approx 2m at narrowest

Possible hazards

  • Leaves and sticks on paths
  • Uneven surfaces
  • On-road traffic on Glen Osmond Road


  • Shaded seating
  • Drinking fountains
  • Toilets
  • Play spaces and courts
  • Dog park