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Dog activities and adventures

Adelaide is the perfect place to explore with your pooch.
This August, our calendar is full of activities for the dogs of Adelaide.

PAWGUST Guide Dogs Australia fundraiser

Dog-friendly cafes & spaces in the city

Head out and enjoy quality time with your fur-family at one of these great dog-friendly ca...

Scenic dog walking trail

Loop around historic North Adelaide to pass grazing horses, heritage homes and rolling gol...

Energetic dog walking trail

This trail is perfect for a high intensity outing. Start at the Pityarilla dog park and th...

Adelaide dog parks

With an abundance of green open spaces and off leash areas, the Adelaide Park Lands offer ...

The dog stole my phone (& why that’s not so funny)

Replace phone-time with some pooch-time in the Park Lands.

Working dogs

Meet some pooches spreading smiles at city businesses.

Riverbank walking trail

This trail which follows the most beautiful portion of the Linear Park Trail. 

Walking trail historic carriageway and south park ...

A walk with a focus on the historic elm carriageway and south parks including the Adelaide...

Follow My Lead dog and art trail

Add a big dose of art and special doggy treats to your normal dog walk with our trail cele...

Dogs in the city