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DIY inspiration from Adelaide artists

Channel your creative energy into a DIY project and set up a ‘crafternoon’ with your friends via video chat. There are tons of talented artists and creative businesses in Adelaide that provide awesome inspiration and resources.


Adding a pair of eyes to an everyday object is a pretty good way to get someone to smile, even just for a moment. Challenge yourself to give that old egg carton a personality.

Nothing goes to waste when you look at your recycling basket through the eyes of Mini Mad Things. Their craft blog has a huge range of free how-tos for kids and kids at heart!


It’s the perfect time to brighten your walls and give your living area a lift. If you’re looking for a challenge, take a non-traditional route and display textile art of your own creating.

You need a little more than a needle and thread to create embroidery but if you’re looking for more guidance, artist Lily Adelaide Upton sells beginner kits. Kits come with all the essentials including a tea bag to make your sewing nook that little bit more cosy.


If you hang enough art, your home will become a gallery. Take a leaf out of the Art Gallery of South Australia’s book and use the awesome printable parts provided on their website.

Create a collage creature from the array of eyes, legs, noses and textures, supplied as part of their Monster Theatres Studio. Making collages might just fulfil your gallery needs until they are ready to reopen.


Spare sequins, gems or sparkly bits and bobs can turn anything into a supreme version of its former self. Get gluing and then during next video chat you’ll impress everyone with your sparkly adornment.

The Studio is craft collective and store who run inclusive craft nights in their store off Hindley street. They also have some 'Lonely Arts Club' kits for sale for cosy home crafting.


"How can we continue to resist injustice, engage in the everyday practice of democracy, and take care of our wellbeing in the midst of a pandemic?" A big question intended to be answered in cross stitch.

STITCH & RESIST is a online participatory craftivism project from the Museum of Democracy. Submit a photo of your creation and be a part of a public exhibition later in the year.

Monster mash ups

Gina of Georgie Rex Comics has been sharing awesome free online resources and mailing out Inky Fingers Postal Pals packs while her city drawing workshops are on hiatus. The packs arrive complete with activities, nice paper, links to specially designed online resources and an extra little gift like a sticker.  

Georgina chadderton
photo-icon Georgina Chadderton


Everything becomes exponentially better when a pom pom is added. Add ones to your ears, your plants, your cat. The best part of poms is you can use any odd lengths of yarn to create a furry firework.

The national craft haven Spotlight delivers big-time when it comes to DIY guides. They can guide you on everything from poms pom projects to elaborate patchwork quilts.