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Adelaide's noodle soup guide

Is there a more perfect winter pairing than soup and carbs? We think not. Indulge and satiate your hunger with our noodle soup picks in Adelaide. Go for your favourite pho, laksa, ramen, or opt to try something new like Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup), Korean noodle hotpot, or a Har mee (a prawn-based broth noodle soup).

Pho SA

42 Currie Street, Adelaide 5000

Bun Bo Hue, also known as spicy beef noodle soup, is pho’s lesser known but equally delicious cousin. Bun Bo Hue originated from Hue, a city in central Vietnam, in the 16th century. It’s a little bit spicy, a little bit salty, and the perfect amount of soul soothing.

Despite the name, pork actually plays a leading roll in this dish. The broth is made from pork and beef bones and is given its zing from lemongrass, annatto and shrimp paste. The noodles used are rice vermicelli noodles and are laden with sliced brisket, traditional Vietnamese pork sausage, and pork leg. Finish with mint and bean sprouts.

Ryo’s Noodles

80 Gouger Street, Adelaide 5000

Ramen is a quintessential Japanese dish, comprising of springy egg noodles, a hearty broth, and a mixture of vegetable and meat toppings. Ryo’s serves up their house-made noodles in a traditional Tonkotsu broth which herald from the Hakata Region. 

The broth is lovingly simmered for 12 hours from pork bones and be enjoyed in the following forms; salty, soy, miso or spicy. There are five set options to pick from or you can get creative and make your own with toppings such as bamboo shoots, naruto (fish cakes), and rich soft-boiled eggs cooked in soy sauce and mirin.


3/26 Bank St, Adelaide 5000

As one of the West End’s most revered restaurants, Mandoo is famous for mouth-watering, authentic Korean dumplings handmade by owner Ki Dong Ra. Up the experience by delving into the hot pot, which is essentially a medley of delicious ingredients in a comforting fish stock. Hot pot adheres to the ethos, more is more, and is made to share with a posse of pals.

Mandoo’s includes a variety of dumplings, including chicken, pork, and vegetable, tofu, and seasonal vegetables, all swimming around with fine glass noodles. Opt for the spicy soup option if you like it hot.

Lot 10 Cucina & Bar

10 Market Street, Adelaide 5000

Lot 10 Cucina & Bar serve up honest and hearty food that Nonna would be proud of. Soups are seasonal and start making an appearance late Autumn and throughout winter. While not technically a noodle, the pasta filled bowls of goodness are so delicioso, they're worthy of a mention.  

The selection is rotating so you'll have the chance to sample many a soup. Expect classics like Pasta e Fagioli - aromatic vegetables, slow cooked cannelini beans and short tubular pasta. If the stars are smiling down on you, you'll catch owner Vincent's baby chicken meatballs and rissoni in a hearty chicken broth.

Warong Adelaide

Lower ground floor, Rundle Place

Get warm and toasty with a delicious bowl of tom yum noodle soup at Warong Adelaide. Warong Adelaide mainly specialises in Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine, however also includes some other dishes from the South East Asian region such as this thai dish.


116/116A Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000

Popular Malaysian franchise Papparich serves up a variety of noodle soup dishes. Warm yourself with something different this winter! Choose from a plain anchovy-based broth 'pan mee', a spicy prawn-based noodle soup 'prawn mee", or even a tamarind-based broth laksa 'assam laksa'.

Chinatown Cafe

Moonta St, Adelaide SA 5000

Chinatown Cafe is an institution - serving Adelaide with authentic South East Asian cuisine for over 30 years. Famous for their Hainanese chicken rice and curry laksa, they also serve up other tasty noodle soup dishes such as stir-fry hor fun, a classic street food dish of Cantonese origin. This dish brims with a mixture of wok hei (breath of the work) and thick, silky egg sauce. 

Hut & Soul

310 Pulteney St, Adelaide SA 5000

Hut & Soul have been delighting hungry tummies since 1998 with their Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean hawker-style menu. Their choice of laksas are sure to warm the coldest of winter days - all topped with a generous amount of beautiful, fresh herbs and garnishes. Choose between rice vermicelli or the coconut curry noodles paired with either SA spencer gulf king prawns, omelette strips and chicken or the fish, pineapple shrimp paste and ginger flower in a spicy tangy fish broth.

Honki Tonki

38 Hindley Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Honki Tonki is the second project from husband wife duo Phuong Thai Nguyen and Vinh Nguyen. Following a similar formula as their first street-eats style eatery Sit Lo, the menu sports the very best bites as influenced by the laneways of Hong Kong. Take your pick from four different noodle soup varieties including a laksa, spicy satay soup, a mushroom medley or a classic wonton noodle soup. You can’t go past a classic, especially when the egg noodles are handmade with plenty of TLC and there’s a healthy dose of pork and prawn wontons, char sui pork and bok choy.

Chu Chu

Shop 6/7 Topham Mall, Adelaide SA 5000

Newly opened Chu Chu believes healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. This comes to life through an Asian-fusion style menu which fuses Asian flavours with modern executions. The three ramen options follow a more traditional path which also include a vegetarian and vegan option. Choose from either a rich pork soup base or a creamy sesame broth. The Homemade spicy miso ramen is layered with seaweed, bamboo shoots and tender pork belly while the vegan option is abundant in goodies like tofu, bok choy and cori.

Mr Viet

Market Plaza Food Court, Moonta St, Adelaide SA 5000

After amassing a cult following in James Place, Mr Viet has opened a new presence in Market Plaza Food Court in Moonta Street. Despite the warmer weather, noodle soups are a traditional Vietnamese staple and the Mr Viet menu certainly does this justice. The pho is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, with flat rice noodles in a soul soothing beef stock. If you are up for trying something different, opt for the spicy beef noodle soup a.k.a Bún bò Huế which is pho’s lesser known but equally yummy brother.

Tuno Izakaya

145 O’Connell Street North Adelaide

Tucking into a bowl of ramen is a sure way to warm up on a chilly night. That said, one should never have to wait for the right temperature for a delicious bowl of Japanese soup noodles! Situated on the busy O'Connell Street in North Adelaide, Tuno Izakaya is an authentic Japanese izakaya (Japanese bar serving small tapas-like dishes at an affordable price). Drop in for lunch, or dinner and tuck into a steaming hot bowl of ramen.