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An Adelaide city scavenger hunt

Looking for something different to do? Wander the city streets on our fun Scavenger Hunt and discover something new.

This scavenger hunt is designed for fun, laughter, and as an excuse to wander the streets of the city. For safety and to max out the experience, this game is best played when conditions are dry.

What you will need

  • You will need a minimum of two teams to play this game. Each team should consist of at least two people but the more the merrier we say!
  • A digital device that will let you take photos. For example, a smartphone or a digital camera.
  • Time. Give or take, a couple of hours.
  • A print-out of the Magical Mystery scavenger hunt kit (which includes a city map). Download the kit here.
  • A designated area or place to start from, and to regroup to end the game, like a café, restaurant or wine bar.
  • A fine day.

Download the kit here

How to play

  1. Gather all teams at a decided starting point. We recommend Beehive Corner in Rundle Mall.
  2. Set an agreed time for the scavenger hunt to take place. We recommend 90 minutes.
  3. Using the scavenger hunt list, set out to locate each scavenger item. Record it by taking a photo of your find – at least one team member must appear in at least one of the photos.
  4. Use the city map as a guide to help you get around.
  5. The first team to arrive at the designated regroup area with everything off the scavenger list within the agreed time frame wins!

Scavenger list

  1. Find a Furby in Adelaide.
  2. Pose by a coin-operated washing machine. Don’t forget to smile.
  3. Team selfie with Captain Charles Sturt.
  4. Sandwich board with a joke or pun.
  5. The oldest surviving mosque in Australia.
  6. Pat a bronzed pig for good luck.
  7. Dance with a busker.
  8. An Art Deco building.
  9. Become the fourth member of the Beatles. (Hint: Step in for Ringo Starr).
  10. Chill with Roy ‘Mo’ Rene.