See & Do

A day in the park

There's plenty to keep everyone entertained in the Adelaide Park Lands.

Playspace marshmallow


Pull on your thinking caps and put away the screens because the city’s playspaces are calling you to explore. The Adelaide Park Lands are home to unique playspaces where kids and families of all ages and abilities can have fun and be challenged.



BBQ lunch

Pick up some snags and fire up the barbie! You never need to travel too far to host a family feast with free barbecues dotted all throughout the park lands. There are barbecues accessible for wheelchair users at the Pityarilla Activity Hub.


Basketball court park

Have a match

Bring a friend and your a-game to one of the many basketball, netball and tennis courts throughout the Adelaide Park Lands. It's free to play (just remember your ball and racket) and select courts have lighting so you can play after dark.

People with Pooches 20 test web photos

Pat a pup

More than just a treat for people, the Adelaide Park Lands are a fantastic resource for our four-legged friends. The Pityarilla Dog Park and the North Adelaide Dog Park are fenced areas filled with activities and open space for dogs to run.


Get into golf 900

Play golf

How many cities offer you golf on their doorstep? The North Adelaide Golf Course has long been a favourite for Adelaideans. There's a par 3 option for a family adventure. Plus it’s also a beautifully landscaped area for taking a stroll on paths.


North parklands horses
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Take a trail

There is an endless list of delights to discover in the park lands. Start exploring by taking a self guided trail on a path that suits your interests and abilities. You'll come across everything from horses and rare butterflies, to historic sites.

One culture fitness park 24 fitness station

Work out

If the gym isn’t your thing, the Park Lands may be your ideal workout spot. Enjoy the fresh air while using the free exercise equipment and running tracks. There is a wide variety of equipment for weight training, cardio and more.


volunteers bmx

Ride BMX

The Adelaide BMX community are a passionate and welcoming bunch. The dirt bike tracks at Blue Gum Park / Kurangga (Park 20) have tracks for both beginners and more advanced riders so they're the perfect place to get started and meet the riders.


Hard at work in the garden

Get gardening

Just like any suburban garden, the Adelaide Park Lands have veggie patches and herb gardens. A community gardens allows you to curate your very own space in the city’s backyard, and then enjoy the fruits of your labour. Everyone is invited to be involved!